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Shelve that January Guilt!

Been thinking about the perils and stress of listening to the self improvement suggestions that are ubiquitous this time of year.  Clean January….100 days of walking…. Operation Transformation- yes I do think the focus of the programme is too numbers based. 

Our inner critic is being prodded and the guilt is supposed to get us back to the Gym …. To work off those Covid pounds…..Can you pinch an inch? 

But guilt implies wrongdoing of some kind, where in fact we’ve all just been working hard to stay sane within the madness of Covid and the ever changing situation for almost 2 years now.

So how is this helping us? Do we honestly need pressure, now in January, after the horrible year and Christmas for so many people. 

We all know the health benefits, less weight, more movement. But there is a right time for giving up, a right time for starting over and usually that time coincides with a sense of energy for the future. Some will feel ready for new resolutions and the push for a new you but many are struggling.


Maybe you’ve had a Covid compromised Christmas, a stack of disappointments, plans that never came through, friends and family that never got to meet and all of this drive to better yourself is just pouring needless guilt on a very fragile you and we are now a nation of worn out, tired out people.

So give yourself a pass for January, do exactly what it is that you like to do. Do what makes you happy, what sparks joy and leave guilt outside the door.

Read books, poetry, nestle at the fire, with your coffee and chocs, or hell ,even a hot whiskey and you know what, don’t feel bad about it.  Maybe you need more time, to recover, to process your emotions and to feel energised. Give yourself that time. 

Then when your reserve tank begins to fill, you’ll find yourself thinking about what you really want for yourself. You’ll look at what’s missing, what needs work and attention -then and only then should you think about changes.

Never feel guilty about doing what is best for you!