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Alone at Christmas

For a mental healthAre you alone this Christmas?

You may be alone for so many reasons. Perhaps there has been the death of a loved one, an estrangement  from family or are you newly separated and managing your first XMas apart.

Christmas, with all it’s music and images of family and gatherings, intensifies what we may already be managing quite well throughout the year.

Check your internal narrative- is this a choice you have made or do you feel helpless to change the position you are in.

Consider what it is you have to be grateful for within the context of your situation.

Consider did you say no to something that you should’ve said yes to, – do you have the opportunity to revert to those who invited you -many people with social anxiety report saying no and regretting it

Could you do a good deed for someone, a phone call or a cake delivered to someone can bring unexpected joy.

Try to think ahead, try and imagine the shape of the day.

Consider connecting virtually but stay off social media, unless you’re really happy alone.

Could you make a virtue of the solitude if it is inevitable,  could you start a new project? Could you be productive on the day?

It can help to know you’re not alone in being alone at Christmas and that there are many in your situation – 14% of those over 65 are alone and some 8% of the population are, so connecting outward to online groups and social groups even in the virtual world can be hugely helpful.

Plan towards  next year and consider what steps you can take now and make a plan for 2023