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Health & Wellbeing

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

For so many years the focus in both training and treatment has been on managing the problems that exist rather than preventing their occurrence.

This has very much changed since my initial training.

The science of happiness and well-being complemented by the neurosciences is one of the most interesting areas of mental health for me. We now know that there are habits and behaviours that can build resilience and be protective of mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing and mental health is viewed more from a perspective of balance, thrown out of balance when overwhelmed or stressed.

Just as exercise and diet are vital to a healthy body, social connectedness, finding meaning and purpose in what you do is important to mental health and well being.

Argue with intention!

It's inevitable that we argue as couples and families But it's really important that we learn to argue in a healthy way It should be done in a way that brings results, in a way that helps you as a couple or a family to live with more harmony  not less So how do you do
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A Relationship or Dating Issue

I get a lot of questions about relationships and dating, especially after speaking on the radio - Newstalk - Mondays with Pat Kenny and after any newspaper article It may be family rifts, issues with in-laws, sisters, brothers, Moms and Dad's, stepchildren, new relationships
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Love is Tougher than it used to be! Tough Love Podcast.

We don't always associate the word stress with love, dating and relationships, but I am seeing a surprising  level of it these days It’s not just the regular things, it feels different This is a more pervasive sense of overwhelm that seems present in those looking for love,
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Blue Monday – Based on nothing!

Today is supposedly, Blue Monday or the third Monday in January, coined as the most depressing and sad day of the year I actually hate that this even gets so much attention, because there is no credible evidence or science to support this  It was  actually a Travel Agent
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Psychotherapy Off The Couch- Some Summer Listening

I just want to add a small post about how much I have enjoyed doing these podcasts for the Irish Council for Psychotherapy and to remind you to peep in to Spotify and have a listen- some summer listening 'Psychotherapy Off The Couch' is all about talking about therapy-what it
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BE HEALTHILY SELFISH- Protect your mood and your energy One thing 2020 has taught us, is that caring for ourselves is part of caring for others We've learned that setting goals and boundaries is a necessary part of keeping well This reality is very heightened in lockdown,
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