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Blue Monday – Based on nothing!

Today is supposedly, Blue Monday or the third Monday in January, coined as the most depressing and sad day of the year. I actually hate that this even gets so much attention, because there is no credible evidence or science to support this. 

It was  actually a Travel Agent that initially put forward the idea- so ignore and do not let that thought take hold in your mind. 

Any day can be blue and any day can be bright. 

You may find January difficult for other reasons. Maybe you overindulged or overspent at Christmas. Perhaps Covid compromised the whole thing, and you never got the uplift that Christmas can give. Of course you may suffer with seasonal affective disorder/winter depression the absence of light is a factor that impacts mood. Light boxes and lamps are very helpful for you, combined with your normal medication regime. 


Remember You never fail until you stop trying ! Albert Einstein