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“Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead”
- Adele

Everyone knew what it was like- to love and lose that someone and to search for love again. Adele spoke for everyone and we loved her for that.

The mating game is faster now, but the ups and downs of relationships are as real, as difficult and as heartbreaking as they ever were.

What people expect from life has also changed, as happiness and personal fulfilment trump fear filled obligation. We have experienced a lot of quick changes in Ireland with same sex marriage, divorce and abortion laws all having been liberalised in a short few years.

In another way,nothing has changed at all. Everyone wants love, true love and a relationship that can last a lifetime, with or without a marriage contract.

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Argue with intention!

It's inevitable that we argue as couples and families But it's really important that we learn to argue in a healthy way It should be done in a way that brings results, in a way that helps you as a couple or a family to live with more harmony  not less So how do you do
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A Relationship or Dating Issue

I get a lot of questions about relationships and dating, especially after speaking on the radio - Newstalk - Mondays with Pat Kenny and after any newspaper article It may be family rifts, issues with in-laws, sisters, brothers, Moms and Dad's, stepchildren, new relationships
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Love is Tougher than it used to be! Tough Love Podcast.

We don't always associate the word stress with love, dating and relationships, but I am seeing a surprising  level of it these days It’s not just the regular things, it feels different This is a more pervasive sense of overwhelm that seems present in those looking for love,
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Trust   It's  vital that you have trust in your relationship if it is to grow and strengthen You need to feel confident in your partner that they will be loyal to you and that what they say is the truth  You need to know that when he says he's going to work
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Reaching out to your ex- Careful Now!

Be careful if the saying “it's better to be fighting than lonesome,” seems eminently sensible now- especially if you are single and in your 30s The single and unattached are finding themselves feeling more pressure as lock down continues And although there is some easing of
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Love while in lockdown-

https://wwwnewstalkcom/podcasts/highlights-from-the-hard-shoulder/lhttp:// In this podcast - Maybe your single and missing all the fun, or your lonely or both Maybe you're wondering how long it will be now until you meet your soul mate  Now is a great time to get to
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My virtual dinner for 4

In this time of social distancing, keeping up spirits and minding morale in the household is very important It is not wrong to have a little fun and it does not mean that we are unaware of the enormity of this time and of the mammoth task being undertaken by our health service 
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Most modern of Fairy Tales

The Magic Fairy heard her shout Appearing in a blaze of light She said, my dear are you alright “All right” cried Cindy can't you see I feel as rotten as can be                                           Roald Dahl, 
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