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“Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead”
- Adele

Everyone knew what it was like- to love and lose that someone and to search for love again. Adele spoke for everyone and we loved her for that.

The mating game is faster now, but the ups and downs of relationships are as real, as difficult and as heartbreaking as they ever were.

What people expect from life has also changed, as happiness and personal fulfilment trump fear filled obligation. We have experienced a lot of quick changes in Ireland with same sex marriage, divorce and abortion laws all having been liberalised in a short few years.

In another way,nothing has changed at all. Everyone wants love, true love and a relationship that can last a lifetime, with or without a marriage contract.

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Warring parents at Christmas

“It's beginning to look a lot like ChristmasToys in every store But the purdy-est sight to see Is the holly that will be on your own front door” The sing song background music,the image of the wreath bedecked front door opening to welcoming hugs and warmth is the dream
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Sober Chaperones

Since the #metoo movement,behaviours in the workplace have come under intense scrutiny and  now with the Christmas period upon us some companies have taken the pre-emptive step of issuing guidelines to staff ahead of time to avoid the pitfalls and the scandals that can ensue 
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Christmas pressures!

There are so many pressures around Christmas and many of them relate to  the extended time with family, without the punctuation of work It's important to think ahead of time about how you're going to handle these situations that you know to be difficult I recently answered a
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The Christmas Party

HAVE A CHRISTMAS PARTY THAT IS MEMORABLE FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS!    The season to be JOLLY at the Christmas  Party is upon us The prosecco is chilled and the party dresses are ready    Who is hot, good fun and a "disaster" gets redefined in every
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Many breakups could be avoided by taking the simple step of sitting down, together as a couple, to do a regular review rather than waiting until problems overwhelm Marriage and all relationships are a complex mix of shifting needs and desires and functions against a backdrop of
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The Sixties – Job of Life

Sixties - New Horizons Is it the beginning of old age I prefer the term Senior It implies knowing more and having more experience That is what sixty is about The truth is all of life is a transition We are all Pioneers on our own journey You  have never been here
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Change – Be ready for it!

Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves ( Leo Tolstoy) What we thought would last forever, has not! What we thought we would have tomorrow, we have not! Change is inevitable and is part of life It is what brings everything forward as
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What has happened to ‘your darling’ teenagers?

Understanding your teenager If you are the parent of a teenager you may like many feel these years are the most difficult of all You may feel less certain of your role You may have all the concerns regarding alcohol, drugs, and sexual behavior and be unsure of what is
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