Alone at Christmas

For a mental healthAre you alone this Christmas You may be alone for so many reasons Perhaps there has been the death of a loved one, an estrangement  from family or are you newly separated and managing your first XMas apart Christmas, with all it's music and images of family
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Trust   It's  vital that you have trust in your relationship if it is to grow and strengthen You need to feel confident in your partner that they will be loyal to you and that what they say is the truth  You need to know that when he says he's going to work
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Blue Monday – Based on nothing!

Today is supposedly, Blue Monday or the third Monday in January, coined as the most depressing and sad day of the year I actually hate that this even gets so much attention, because there is no credible evidence or science to support this  It was  actually a Travel Agent
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Psychotherapy Off The Couch- Some Summer Listening

I just want to add a small post about how much I have enjoyed doing these podcasts for the Irish Council for Psychotherapy and to remind you to peep in to Spotify and have a listen- some summer listening 'Psychotherapy Off The Couch' is all about talking about therapy-what it
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Psychotherapy Off The Couch!

  'Psychotherapy Off The Couch' is all about talking about therapy-what it is, how it helps and who it's for It's psychotherapists talking about psychotherapy- their approach and how they work There is such a hunger for mental health support following this shocking
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Why Piers Morgan is so wrong to disbelieve Meghan.

Should we always believe someone when they say they're going through a tough time or feeling low, or suicidal    Piers Morgan's doubting of Meghan Markle's mental health struggle, is destructive and can shut down those who are struggling- fearing judgement or
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