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Tough Love -New Podcast on Love and Relationships with Stephanie & Mairead Loughman

Tough Love

After many years as a media contributor,I’m delighted to say that I have begun co-hosting a new Podcast with Mairead Loughman- matchmaker and dating specialist.

The podcast is about the challenges that we see our clients struggling with, the trends we notice and just about anything else that we feel is worth discussing that bears on love, dating and relationships.

We want to share what we understand but also to answer the dilemmas, challenges and difficulties facing listeners. We’re dropping episode 5 and 6 now and will be doing some specials for Xmas as it’s a complex time for those both in relationships and those wishing they were.

I love doing the podcasts as it gives me a greater opportunity to explore and share the nuances of complex subjects, like power, infidelity, building your relationship and how to break up better. Mostly we hope that it will empower listeners to better navigate their love lives.

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