BE HEALTHILY SELFISH- Protect your mood and your energy One thing 2020 has taught us, is that caring for ourselves is part of caring for others We've learned that setting goals and boundaries is a necessary part of keeping well This reality is very heightened in lockdown,
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After 2020 I only need one resolution!

This year, I need only one resolution and that is, not to forget what I have learned in this extraordinary year of 2020 I want to treasure what I have found and never to forget what it was that kept me sane, happy and well in this most difficult of years While 2020 has tested
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Changing Christmas is so difficult – but worth it!

Christmas is always a very emotional time of year It's when we check-in with ourselves and  friends and family members We notice what has changed in a year, who is present and who is not We sense progress or the lack of it This is why everything feels precious, amplified and
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Mental Health & Second lockdown

This morning I spoke with Alan and Karen on @irelandamvmtv about the challenges of this second lockdown, and how best to face into this very specific winter It's so important to acknowledge that everybody's situation is different, in terms of what you have to deal with, but
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