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Changing Christmas is so difficult – but worth it!

Christmas is always a very emotional time of year. It’s when we check-in with ourselves and  friends and family members. We notice what has changed in a year, who is present and who is not. We sense progress or the lack of it. This is why everything feels precious, amplified and emotionally charged.

This year Christmas is backed up with nine months of pent up, Covid-19 fear, illness grief, loss, business stress, financial stress, isolation, loneliness and frazzled home lives. Everyone needs a break,a hug and some fun with family and friends. And every one of us knows that this Christmas has to be different – because it has to be safe. 

We need to be careful how we prepare for Christmas, what we agree to do and not to do- because conceding to other people’s demands will damage relationships and build resentment over time. So prepare ahead, be clear with yourself about your worries and agree with your partner and family  what is safe and what is possible in your home.


Yes it’s difficult and challenging – but we need to focus on what we CAN do safely and make it lovely, because it can be. Look at how we’ve all adapted this last 9 months- who’ have thought we could do all that!