Change – Be ready for it!

Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves ( Leo Tolstoy) What we thought would last forever, has not! What we thought we would have tomorrow, we have not! Change is inevitable and is part of life It is what brings everything forward as
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Aim for Well Being and Happiness

If you don't know where you are going you will likely end up somewhere else Do you look around you and feel others seem to have their life together in a way that you don't Do you wonder how others are contented and you aren't Do you wonder where they get all the energy
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Grief and Loss

Loss and Grief a part of all our lives Grief comes in to all our lives at some point Perhaps we instinctively think of grief as linked to death but in truth it is more correctly linked to loss Loss is something we can experience in many ways It may be loss connected to a
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Learn to be willfully Positive! Make it a habit

Learn to be willfully Positive! Make it a habit! Positive psychology is producing a growing scientific basis for understanding positive emotion, engagement and meaning These states are valuable in their own right because they fight depression, engender more life satisfaction
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What has happened to ‘your darling’ teenagers?

Understanding your teenager If you are the parent of a teenager you may like many feel these years are the most difficult of all You may feel less certain of your role You may have all the concerns regarding alcohol, drugs, and sexual behavior and be unsure of what is
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