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Stress is part of life – best learn to spot it and deal with it.

We feel stress build when something changes and that change causes a further demand upon us.

Stress is accumulative, so pressures you have at home work like an underlay for the pressures you have in work and can result in stress.

Understanding and managing our own specific stress is key. It is good to know that when you are stressed

First -If you can notice your stress rising, by noticing your physical or psychological shifts, then you are half way there.

Second – Take time out to bring your body back to balance. A walk or run, ten minutes reading your novel- time for you. This will break the cycle physically and give your mind distraction from the ever present demand.

Third – Plan your next treat or break- you need something to look forward to.

Fourth– When you feel in control ask yourself the following questions

What is specifically feeling more difficult for me at the moment

How am I feeling? – Under-skilled, over-loaded, under-appreciated

Have I choices here and what are they?

Do I need support, help with the task itself or someone to talk it through with.

Take action, make a small change, find the point of choice and do something differently.

Taking control and sensing that control in your situation is key to diminishing stress.