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Tip 12 Getting through lockdown! Know when you need clinical help.

Know the difference between “feeling low,” “finding it tough” and needing some clinical help. 

It’s absolutely normal to feel stressed by stressful events,as it is to feel low and sad in the face of a loss of any kind.

Usually we can process these times in our lives. But,unprocessed and unsorted stresses lie in the system, and when a next or new stressful event arrives, you can hit the red zone of symptoms more quickly. In other words stress accumulates,even if you have not acknowledged what the stress is for you.


I find the time that people tend to need my help or some medical help is following a 3rd stressor.

So,when will you know its time to seek professional help.



There are times when talk therapy alone will be sufficient,and other times where medication is important. Tomorrow…I’ll clarify.