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You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.- Dan Milkman.


There’s a lot of news to make you fearful, concerned and apprehensive at the moment. Much of that concern is well founded- yes we do need to be careful, avoid Covid, wear masks, keep distance and sanitize.

But anxiety – that constant pit in the stomach, shock filled, “disaster ready” state is different. At one level, it’s a normal response to a stressful situation and at the other end it is a hyperalert response system that needs to be realigned and desensitised.


Maybe anxiety is new for you. 

Or maybe you’re already taking medication for it – anti depressants or otherwise- if so a chat with your prescribing doctor or psychiatrist is a good idea to review your medications at this time.

Because anxiety is often a physical response to a fear filled thought- it is reasonable to work on distracting and breaking the physical and or cognitive circuitry. 


Fear filled thought- my family are all going to die 


For our family holiday this summer we will do this….this …this…where, who will be there….say it, speak it ..imagine it.


Breathing in as fully and deeply as you can and breathing out as slowly as is possible for you, as though through a tiny whistle.

Put on one track of music – they last usually 3 mins- now move, stretch,walk or better dance. Focus on the music, feel it, imagine it, sense it’s effect on your physical self.  


Breaking the chain of anxiety,cognitively and physically gives you an opportunity for reset- thinking about different things and feeling less gripped by anxiety. 




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