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Psychotherapy Off The Couch- Some Summer Listening

I just want to add a small post about how much I have enjoyed doing these podcasts for the Irish Council for Psychotherapy and to remind you to peep in to Spotify and have a listen- some summer listening.

‘Psychotherapy Off The Couch’ is all about talking about therapy-what it is, how it helps and who it’s for.

It’s psychotherapists talking about psychotherapy- their approach and how they work.

There is such a hunger for mental health support following this shocking two years of COVID-19 and while I do lots in my clinical practice, I also wanted to help people to understand where and how exactly they can address difficulties, especially now at this time of  high demand

Marriages are in trouble, relationships are straining, parents are struggling with young adults and teenagers. It can be hard to know what psychotherapy can bring to your problems.

This series of podcasts gives you an opportunity to sit back and simply explore the many approaches to issues within a relationship, with children and adolescents or in your love life.

Episode 1 – The Pandemic Effect On Your Psyche with Trish Murphy who you will know from answering lots of problematic issues in the Irish Times.

Episode 2- Using Play as a Language in the Clinic of the Child with Joanna Fortune who has written a number of very interesting books on parenting and offer some simple workable advice.

Episode 3 – More than Talk- How Psychotherapy differs from other Forms of Help with John O Connor, lecturer and trainer of psychotherapists. John brings us through the subtle differences between counselling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis ,something that often confuses people and yet something that is so important to understand.

Episode 4 – The Question of Abuse- with Eileen Finnegan. This episode explores the do you aired challenge that faces clinicians in society when it comes to considering the question of abuse. Do we treat the victim alone, or do we try to address the circle of abuse, and in that way treating the perpetrators and supporting their families too.

Episode 5-  Facing the Demons with Rob Weatherill– In this fascinating episode Rob speaks to us from a deeper place, asking the questions that are often avoided. What is social media doing to our sense of ourselves? What do we do with our darker thoughts?

Episode 6- The Trouble with Relationships with Marie Walshe. Here we explored the relationship issues that show up in the clinical room- infidelity, breaches of trust, incompatibility, getting serious too early in relationships, holding onto relationships that can never work and of course the lockdown effects.


I really hope you enjoy them have a listen and if you like them please let people know about them.