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Love while in lockdown-

In this podcast –

Maybe your single and missing all the fun, or your lonely or both. Maybe you’re wondering how long it will be now until you meet your soul mate?  Now is a great time to get to know someone ‘old school’- bit of courtship, no hop into bed pressure.

Or are you home and wondering when ‘forever will end’ in this lockdown prison with your lover- will it make or break what you thought you had together?

I’ve written a small light but instructive book on the subject – Relationships on the Edge: How to survive a crisis. (on Amazon sooon)

What do I think of Normal People?

I love it for the drama and the unfolding story, but more I love the freshness of how sex is portrayed here.

Sex is shown as equal, without dominance but with truth, tenderness and a mutuality that is so new and refreshing.

This is what we want our young people to see- strong attractive Connell, asking clearly for consent ” we can stop anytime you want” to Marianne asking

” have you a condom,”