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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

For so many years the focus in both training and treatment has been on managing the problems that exist rather than preventing their occurrence.

This has very much changed since my initial training.

The science of happiness and well-being complemented by the neurosciences is one of the most interesting areas of mental health for me. We now know that there are habits and behaviours that can build resilience and be protective of mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing and mental health is viewed more from a perspective of balance, thrown out of balance when overwhelmed or stressed.

Just as exercise and diet are vital to a healthy body, social connectedness, finding meaning and purpose in what you do is important to mental health and well being.

After 2020 I only need one resolution!

This year, I need only one resolution and that is, not to forget what I have learned in this extraordinary year of 2020 I want to treasure what I have found and never to forget what it was that kept me sane, happy and well in this most difficult of years While 2020 has tested
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Mental Health & Second lockdown

This morning I spoke with Alan and Karen on @irelandamvmtv about the challenges of this second lockdown, and how best to face into this very specific winter It's so important to acknowledge that everybody's situation is different, in terms of what you have to deal with, but
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The risk of burnout is real as we live with Covid -19

The risk of burnout is real and needs to be considered as we go about our daily lives in the time of Covid -19 For people working demanding jobs, burnout was always a challenge in the very best of times but now with Covid-19 it has become a reality for so many more Parents are
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My virtual dinner for 4

In this time of social distancing, keeping up spirits and minding morale in the household is very important It is not wrong to have a little fun and it does not mean that we are unaware of the enormity of this time and of the mammoth task being undertaken by our health service 
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Tips for extended home time- The Challenges!

 This week I spoke about getting yourself into  a good mindset so that you can manage self distancing and the many hours within your home Here is a summary of the tips for extended home time  Plan your day  Structure your time  Make sure you have work,rest and
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Talking to your children when Trauma strikes.

Trauma is what for the system cannot take in When something traumatic happens there are rings of effect to those who are immediately impacted by the event; those who are friends and loved ones; those who are psychologically close and  identify with the people involved In
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Most modern of Fairy Tales

The Magic Fairy heard her shout Appearing in a blaze of light She said, my dear are you alright “All right” cried Cindy can't you see I feel as rotten as can be                                           Roald Dahl, 
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Sober Chaperones

Since the #metoo movement,behaviours in the workplace have come under intense scrutiny and  now with the Christmas period upon us some companies have taken the pre-emptive step of issuing guidelines to staff ahead of time to avoid the pitfalls and the scandals that can ensue 
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The research is so strong and unambiguous on the positive effects of  grateful thinking that many clinicians, like myself have applied it directly to their work, by asking clients to make a written note of three things that they have been appreciative of that day and to give
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