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Mental Health & Second lockdown

This morning I spoke with Alan and Karen on @irelandamvmtv about the challenges of this second lockdown, and how best to face into this very specific winter.

It’s so important to acknowledge that everybody’s situation is different, in terms of what you have to deal with, but having the right mindset and adapting good daily habits can help.

Recognise the challenge for what it is and try not to catastrophize or to look too far into the future. It’s 6 weeks but it will be reviewed within 4 weeks.
Accept what you cannot change and focus on what you can control.

Make yourself a small plan, a very adjustable,flexible plan for your first week in lockdown.

Include some productivity some fun and some exercise- 30-minutes daily exercise is recommended now, given that we are having a more sedentary life.

Take care not to overfeed yourself with the media and especially with those detailed accounts of sadness, grief or difficulty- they may not be helping you.

Mind your inner talk – what are you telling yourself?
Remember that your body responds to your thoughts as though they are real.
Try to be mindful of the good stuff in your life- active gratefulness is proven to lift mood. ( I will post this exercise tomorrow)

Being positive is not about ignoring the negativity of a situation it’s about keeping balance and perspective and psychologically fuelling yourself for the challenge ahead.

“If winter comes can spring be far behind”
Percy Bysshe Shelley