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The Job of Life – 70’s 80′

The reality is older people are getting smarter richer and healthier every day. Ageing is no longer about sitting in a rocking chair.

Older people skydive, travel, cycle and get tattoos, have a love life, even new partners. So don’t consign yourself, if you are over 70, or anyone else to the rocking chair. Bar health, it’s a matter of attitude, resolve and keep moving.


Perceptions of Age -You’re as young as you feel- 60% of adults aged over 65 said they feel younger than their actual age-32% said they felt their age and 3% said they felt older.Gender– women said that a person becomes old at 74 as men said the magic number is closer to 66

Ageism -can a hurt old people- negative stereotyping can leave people  more likely to experience heart attack or strokes as compared to people who did not share this view. Reasons– negative expectations can have a self-fulfilling prophecy,ie if an older person is vital and vibrant then you are more likely to care for that person himself or herself. Equally if an older person believes that ageing equates to sickness and infirmity than here she might subconsciously become sick and infirm

Genetics– may play a role in our perceptions of ageing. people who witness parents aging gracefully may inherit good genes but also good healthy attitudes and habits

Notice for marketing towards the mature market always presents the vital active

Advertisers-engaged older person even if the product relates to common ailments such as arthritis.


determines much of what you can do or not do

Activity staying strong, staying active, staying connected all vital aspects of health physical and in terms of overall wellbeing

Who will care for you-Home care  /Nursing home care- Independence as long as possible

MEDICAL CARD-For couples. If one of you is aged 70 or older, you will both qualify for a medical card, if your combined gross income is €900 or less a week. If one of you is aged 70 or older, you will both qualify for a GP visit card, if your combined gross income is over €900, but not greater than €1,400 a week.

PRIVATE INSURANCE – 2.1million people have private insurance in Ireland. Over 60’s are often over- paying for fear of changing plans.


If you’ve no funds everything is limited

Costs can be less

Anxiety around money rises


Connections must be worked on

Find the hobby / group / meet and or arrange the meet up/ take action/

Mens sheds structured meet ups for meN/ bridge/ walking groups / culture groups/ local libraries v good for local information



Death- friends, loved ones , family members , peers, all very sobering.

2 approaches – anxiety and worry about it / value what you have and take positive action everywhere that you can to stay healthy, active, connected,



There are so many ways to connect and stay active. Check out these sites.

Irish veteran cycling group – , there are veteran groups in almost all sports.

Retirement Planning Council of Ireland to help you prepare with excellent courses and  has a programme to get you moving

HSE services for the older people.

Age Action Ireland Active Retirement Ireland (ARI) is a national membership organisation that aims to enable older people to lead a full, happy and healthy life through a range of opportunities organised by local older people themselves through local Active Retirement Associations